Uncle Vanya

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Anton Chekhov's classic drama of a country doctor's unrequited love came to the New York stage in 1956, and then the play was filmed for a theatrical release. With a powerful performance by star Franchot Tone (who also co-directed), superb support by Mary Perry, Peggy McCay and George Voskovec in the title role, and music by multi-Oscar nominee Werner Janssen, this amazing artifact veritably puts you in a 1956 legit theater seat watching "probably the best work Tone has ever done" (Variety).

Film Detail

Running time: 98 min.
Year: 1957
Country(ies): USA
Language(s): English
Director(s): John Goetz, Franchot Tone
Producer(s): Marion Parsonnet, Franchot Tone
Writer(s): Anton Chekhov, Stark Young
Music: Werner Janssen
With: Franchot Tone, George Voskovec, Peggy McCay, Mary Perry


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