The Student

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With visual and verbal verve, The Student tells the story of Venya, a high school student who wields his worn copy of the Bible like a hammer to use against his mom, teachers, and peers. Serebrennikov offers a potent story of bullying behavior where the antagonist gains more and more power as almost everyone around him refuses confrontation.

Film Detail

Subtitle: Uchenik
Running time: 118 min.
Year: 2016
Country(ies): Russia
Language(s): Russian
Director(s): Kirill Serebrennikov
Producer(s): Ilya Stewart, Diana Safarova, Yuriy Kozyrev
Writer(s): Kirill Serebrennikov
Cinematographer(s): Vladislav Opelyants
Editor(s): Yury Karikh
Music: Ilya Demutsky
With: Pyotr Skvortsov, Victoria Isakova, Aleksandr Gorchilin


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