The Strange Little Cat

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Siblings Karin and Simon are visiting their parents and their little sister Clara. That evening, other relatives will be joining them for dinner. This sequence of family scenes in a Berlin flat creates a wondrous world of the everyday: Coming and going, conversations, all manner of doings, each movement leading to the next, one word following another. It is a carefully staged chain reaction of actions and sentences. And in between, silent gazes and anecdotes about experiences. Putting the absurdities of daily life on display, the film assembles seemingly unspectacular details and snippets into an exciting choreography of everyday life.

Film Detail

Subtitle: Das merkwürdige Kätzchen
Running time: 72 min.
Year: 2013
Country(ies): Germany
Language(s): German
Director(s): Ramon Zürcher
Producer(s): Silvan Zürcher, Johanna Bergel
Writer(s): Ramon Zürcher
Cinematographer(s): Alexander Haßkerl
Editor(s): Ramon Zürcher
Music: Thee More Shallows
With: Jenny Schily, Anjorka Strechel, Mia Kasalo


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