The Princess of France

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A year after his father's death in Mexico, Victor returns to Buenos Aires with a twofold mission. On the one hand, he brings with him a new project for his former theater company; on the other, he abandons his part as The Princess of France and takes up a new role in front of five actresses who know him all too well, but who don't know that time to work will soon become a time to think again about lost loves.

Film Detail

Subtitle: La princesa de Francia
Running time: 67 min.
Year: 2014
Country(ies): Argentina
Language(s): Spanish
Director(s): Matías Piñeiro
Producer(s): Melanie Schapiro
Writer(s): Matias Piñeiro
Cinematographer(s): Fernando Lockett
Editor(s): Sebastian Schjaer
Music: Julian Larquier Tallarini, Julián Tello, Chacón
With: Julian Larquier Tallarini, Agustina Munoz, Maria Villar


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