Radio Dreams

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Hamid, the often exasperated program director of a Farsi-language radio station based in San Francisco, awaits a much-anticipated meeting between Metallica and real-life Afghani band Kabul Dreams at his studio. Meanwhile, he has to contend with the commercial imperatives handed down by the no-nonsense daughter of the station's owner, and the film (winner of the Tiger Award in Rotterdam) presents it all with gentle humor and a deadpan eye towards cultural differences.

Film Detail

Subtitle: 59th Festival 2016
Running time: 93 min.
Year: 2015
Country(ies): USA/Iran
Language(s): Farsi, English, Dari, Assyrian
Director(s): Babak Jalali
Producer(s): Marjaneh Moghimi
Writer(s): Babak Jalali, Aida Ahadiany
Cinematographer(s): Noaz Deshe
Editor(s): Nico Leunen, Babak Jalali
Music: Mahmood Schricker
With: Mohsen Namjoo, Kabul Dreams, Lars Ulrich, Mohammad Talani


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