Maudite Poutine

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Caught stealing drugs, 27-year-old Vincent is in trouble and on the run from the local mob. Fleeing to the backwoods, Vincent unexpectedly reconnects with his brother Michel with whom he had cut ties many years ago. As he tries to maintain the semblance of a normal life, he witnesses Michel's own turbulent downward spiral.

Film Detail

Running time: 95 min.
Year: 2016
Country(ies): Canada
Language(s): French
Director(s): Karl Lemieux
Producer(s): Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant
Writer(s): Karl Lemieux, Marie-Douce St-Jacques
Cinematographer(s): Mathieu Laverdière
Editor(s): Marc Boucrot
Music: David Bryant, Thierry Amar, Kevin Doria
With: Jean-Simon Leduc, Martin Dubreuil, Francis La Haye


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