Happy Hour

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Ryusuke Hamaguchi's wise, precisely observed, compulsively watchable drama about four female friends and their midlife awakening runs over five hours, yet the leisurely duration is not an indulgence but a careful strategy-to show what other films leave out. By unfolding some sequences in what feels like real time, it creates a space for everyday moments that are nonetheless charged with possibility, and yields an emotional density rarely available to a feature-length movie.

Film Detail

Subtitle: Happî awâ
Running time: 317 min.
Year: 2015
Country(ies): Japan
Language(s): Japanese
Director(s): Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Producer(s): Satoshi Takata, Hideyuki Okamoto, Tadashi Nohara
Writer(s): Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Tadashi Nohara, Tomoyuki Takahashi
Cinematographer(s): Yoshio Kitagawa
Music: Umitarô Abe
With: Sachie Tanaka, Hazuki Kikuchi, Maiko Mihara, Rira Kawamura


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