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In Brazil's remote Paraiba Valley, a village of elderly residents goes about its daily activities. When a young photographer keen on depicting local customs arrives, the townspeople gradually reveal the elements of their days.

Film Detail

Subtitle: Histórias que Só Existem Quando Lembradas
Running time: 98 min.
Year: 2011
Country(ies): Brazil/Argentina/France
Language(s): Portuguese
Director(s): Júlia Murat
Producer(s): Lucia Murat, Julia Solomonoff, Juliette Lepoutre, Marie-Pierre Macia
Writer(s): Maria Clara Escobar, Júlia Murat, Felipe Sholl
Cinematographer(s): Lucio Bonelli
Editor(s): Marina Meliande
Music: Lucas Marcier
With: Lisa Fávero, Sonia Guedes, Josias Ricardo Merkin


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